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Bartender Label Design Software by Seagull Scientific

By Lucy | July 15, 2019

BarTender label design software by Seagull Scientific is easy to implement.  Barcode Southwest recommends Seagull Scientific’s upgraded 2019 BarTender label design software.  To learn which 2019 BarTender software edition best meets your needs, call Barcode Southwest at (888) 764-9965. In today’s manufacturing environment, almost every product you make, move, and sell requires a label.  Many labels also require a UPC […]

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Zebra 3600 Series Scanners | Barcode Southwest

By Lucy | July 8, 2019

The Zebra 3600 Series (Ultra-Rugged) scanners are high-quality barcode scanners that can improve your company’s productivity.  Call Barcode Southwest at (888) 764-9965 to see how your company can benefit from using this scanner. Benefits of the Zebra 3600 Series Scanners Your company’s productivity and efficiency depend upon the quality of products that you use.  The Zebra 3600 series ultra-rugged barcode […]

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Barcode Scanner Selection: Which One Is Right For You?

By Lucy | July 1, 2019

Barcode scanner selection can be overwhelming as they vary in design, capability and functionality.  Barcode scanners for manufacturing, retail, and healthcare will differ depending on your environment and usability. There are several factors to consider before taking the plunge to buy and utilize a barcode scanner.  Call Barcode Southwest at 888-764-9965 to learn which barcode scanner is right for your […]

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Thermal Printers | Houston Manufacturing

By Lucy | June 24, 2019

Thermal printers have two available options for Houston, TX manufacturing companies: Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal.  The best match for your environment will depend on your print application(s).  Call Barcode Southwest at 1-888-764-9965 to learn more about your options!   Types of Thermal Printers  There are two types of printers.  The first is a direct thermal printer.  The second type […]

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TSC ME240 Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

By Lucy | June 17, 2019

The TSC ME240 thermal transfer barcode printer is the newest mainstream industrial barcode label printer.  Call Barcode Southwest at 888-764-9965!  Let us show you how this fast, high-volume printer can benefit your company.   TSC ME240 Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer Key Features Increased Productivity Increased productivity is the first of the TSC ME240 features. This barcode printer features the following […]

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Zebra ZD620d Desktop Printer

By Lucy | June 10, 2019

The Zebra ZD620d desktop printer is the next generation in their line of desktop printers.  This printer delivers maximum print quality, efficiency and manageability.  Call Barcode Southwest 888-764-9965 to learn more about this 4-inch desktop printer.   Key Features of the Zebra ZD620d Performance Desktop Printer This printer is loaded with many features.  Barcode Southwest has identified five key features […]

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TSC MX240P Barcode Printer | Houston, TX

By Lucy | June 3, 2019

The TSC MX240P  barcode printer is the newest mainstream industrial barcode label printer.  Call Barcode Southwest at 888-764-9965!  Let us show you how this fast, high-volume printer can benefit your company.   Key Features of the TSC MX240P Barcode Printer  The MX240P barcode printer has many outstanding features.  Barcode Southwest has identified three key features that will benefit your company. […]

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Barcode Label Printer Services

By Lucy | May 27, 2019

Barcode label printer services offered by Barcode Southwest are just one of the ways we help your company get “up and running” with your barcode labeling needs.  We realize all companies have different printing needs. Finally, we know these needs range from an overall assessment of services to very specific issues such as printers and training.  Call Barcode Southwest at […]

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Zebra ZD420d Desktop Label Printer

By Lucy | May 20, 2019

The Zebra ZD420d desktop label printer is the second in the Zebra family of printers to be recommended by Barcode Southwest.  This direct thermal label printer is space-saving and efficient.  Call Barcode Southwest to see if this is the Zebra desktop printer that is right for your company.   Key Features of the Zebra ZD420d Direct Thermal Desktop Label Printer […]

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TTP 2610MT Industrial Barcode Printer

By Lucy | May 13, 2019

The TTP 2610MT industrial barcode printer has many features that make this label printer one of the staples in Barcode Southwest’s inventory of industrial printers. This rugged and reliable label barcode printer is designed for applications requiring high-quality wide format labels.  Call Barcode Southwest at 888-764-9965 to find out more about this label printer.   Features of the TTP 2610MT […]

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TTP 2410MT With Internal Rewinder

By Lucy | May 6, 2019

Barcode Southwest offers the TTP 2410MT with Internal Rewinder.  This label printer option is a user friendly convenience when you have to print runs of over 100 labels. This factory installed, gear driven option will pay for itself with longer print runs.  Since the TTP 2410MT internal rewinder is enclosed within the label printer, the maximum rewind roll outer diameter […]

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Food Product Labels | Houston Area Industries

By Lucy | April 29, 2019

Food product labels play an important role in attracting customers.  Whether you are a large or small company, it is in your best interest to have a product label. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars in marketing research to determine what size, ink colors and information should be used on their label(s).  It’s the label that sells the product!   Call […]

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Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Printer

By Lucy | April 22, 2019

The Zebra ZD410 direct thermal printer is the most compact in the Zebra line of desktop printers.  Zebra calls it their “Fits Anywhere 2-Inch Printer.”  When you need a compact printer for your 2″ label printing, call Barcode Southwest.  Let us help you learn how this printer can benefit your company. Features of the Zebra ZD410 Direct Thermal Printer Barcode […]

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User Friendly Label Printers |Barcode Printers

By Lucy | April 15, 2019

User Friendly Label Printers | Thermal Barcode Printers Why are thermal barcode printers so frustrating?  Why do I keep having problems with my thermal barcode printer?  Are there any user-friendly thermal label printers available? Barcode Southwest will help provide solutions to your thermal barcode printer problems.  If this article doesn’t answer your questions, please call us at (888) 764-9965. We […]

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TSC TTP 247 Desktop Thermal Label Printer

By Lucy | April 8, 2019

The TSC TTP 247 desktop thermal label printer is recommended by Barcode Southwest for your large or small business label printing needs.  The TSC desktop printer is fast, economical and has a space-saving “small footprint.”  Call Barcode Southwest 888-764-9965 and let us help with your labeling and printing needs! Key Features of the TSC TTP 247 Desktop Thermal Label Printer […]

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Poor Imaging in Thermal Printers

By Lucy | April 1, 2019

Poor imaging in thermal printers can hinder label printing production.  Companies expect their barcode thermal printer to produce the best image every day.  Barcode Southwest presents six common imaging problems and their simple solutions. Poor Imaging in Thermal Printers: Issues and Solutions There are many reasons why you are experiencing poor imaging in thermal printers.   Let’s start with the six […]

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Barcode Printer Label Problems | Houston, TX

By Lucy | March 25, 2019

Trouble-shooting barcode printer label problems for Houston, TX manufacturers may sound complicated.  However, there are easy trouble-shooting steps to follow when you have barcode printer label problems.  Call Barcode Southwest 888-764-9965 to see how we can help you: Avoid a service call. Learn to trouble-shoot current and future barcode label and ribbon printing glitches. Barcode Printer Label Problems Trouble-Shooting Tips […]

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Barcode Printer Interface Options | Houston, TX

By Lucy | March 18, 2019

Barcode printer interface options for Houston, TX companies may vary from company to company.  However, the technology continues to offer options for many Houston, TX companies and their barcode printer applications.  Call Barcode Southwest, and let us help you decide what your best barcode printer interface options are to better communicate with your barcode printer. Barcode Printer Interface Options USBs […]

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Barcode Printer Attachments | Houston, TX

By Lucy | March 11, 2019

Barcode printer attachments extend the value of your printer(s). Media handling options such as internal rewinders, external rewinders, cutters, peel and present along with the addition of a thermal transfer printer attachment will increase the flexibility and efficiency of your printing application.  These attachments will also save time which, in turn, will save money for your Houston, TX company. With […]

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Hazardous Container Labeling | Houston, TX

By Lucy | March 4, 2019

  Hazardous container labeling is critical for the Houston, TX petroleum and chemical industries.  The unique Texas work environments require labels that will adhere to the surfaces of your drum, pail and IBC containers.  Call Barcode Southwest to see how we can help your company create product and/or warning labels to meet your hazardous chemical labeling needs.     Hazardous Container […]

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